Invitation Letter template for Parents

If you would like to invite your parents on super visa or visitor visa, You need to send an invitation letter to them.

You can use the below template to use the same. Add or modify the information according to your requirement.



Date:<Today’s date>.


<Father’s Name> and <Mother’s Name>,


<Address 1>,




Invitation letter to visit us in Canada


Dear Father and Mother,


Hope you are doing great. I am writing this letter as a formal invitation to visit me in Canada. As discussed, we would like you to come and visit us for three weeks in April. We are looking forward to spending some great time with you for this period. It would be great to meet you after a year-long gap.


As per the plan, your trip will last for 3 weeks starting from <start date> and ending on <end date>.


We will take care of everything for your trip from the financial side. We will book tickets(with return ticket), provide housing, food, travel, health insurance and anything else which may be required during your visit. You will be living with us at <your address>, Canada. As proof of financial support, I will provide a separate letter with all the required details and attachment like his salary letter, bank statements. I will also provide my bank statements. You can submit all this documentation along with visa application to Canada Consulate.

You also need to submit your side documents.

  1. Passport
  2. Visa Application form
  3. Letter and attachment proving bond to the native country.
  4. Proof of relationship with me (My Passport)
  5. Any other documentation required for visa.

I will take full responsibility that you leave Canada well before the time allowed as per your visitor visa.  I am writing below the discrete information again for easy reference.


Person Invited : <Father and Mother’s Name> Invitee : <Your Name>
Relationship to invitee : Parents Address: <Your Address>
Country: Phone: <Your Contact details>
City: Signatures:
Passport No. Date:



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