General WhatsApp group – Canada Immigration

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Please find the list of groups for general whatsapp groups.

July 2018 Applicants Group for people who applied in July 2018

June 2018 – AOR group

July ITA for people who got ITA in july.

Ray of hope — for people in the EE pool

Canada Express Entry

Canada May 2018

 Toronto Canada 

Management Masters Canada

Confederation Admit Only

 New York

PGDM Canada



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6 thoughts on “General WhatsApp group – Canada Immigration

  1. Hello
    I m rajan from india, i applay in mpnp-business visa
    If u have any specialy mpnp business whatapp group
    If yes so pls guide me
    My Ar is may & Aor is june
    I m still waiting MR


  2. Hi ,
    My CRS score is 435 and I am in pool from past 3 months with NOC code 2173(Software Engineer), is there any chance for me to receive NOI from Ontario in the next upcoming HCP draw? Also, how often does Ontario offers NOI and is it mandatory for me to know french language to receive NOI?
    Any guidance will be appreciated.
    please add me to group- +91-9172003558


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