BG Status update on 27th Feb 2018

BG status message changed to IP2 for a large group of users on 27th Feb 2018.

This type of thing has never happened in the past. It is still not sure whether the status update is some sort of system glitch or real change of status.

Ideally after IP2, most of the people get PPR within 1-2 weeks max.

Please comment below and let us know if you also got this status update. Hopefully PPR is on its way for all of you.

All the Best.




41 thoughts on “BG Status update on 27th Feb 2018

  1. Hi,

    Mine also Ip2 Feb 27. FSW -Outland. I am not sure, when i will get it.
    I tried to reach out IRCC, called them many times, but could not get chance to speak with agent to know the exact status.


  2. It appears IP2 on February 27th, 2018 doesn’t mean anything, CIC just issues the PPR based on the Application received, and Nov~Dec 2017 applicants are getting the PPR now
    I was really hoping, it changes something, but it was a just dream.

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  3. Hello my time line is :
    Application received : february 1st
    No AOR
    Medical request : february 27th
    medical passed march 14th
    IP2 same day as medical passed march 14 : ( IP2 : is it the update on fil esaying we are processing the BG check if we need more info ….
    PPR : not yet


    1. Wow, congratulation, if you don’t mind can you share the timeline?
      Mine is,
      OINP, Paper based, Inland
      Application received: March 2, 2017
      AOR : April 3, 2017
      Got RPRF request : December 13, 2017
      Got pre arrival letter : December 12, 2017
      NA : December 12, 2017
      IP2 : February. 27, 2018
      Medical Request : March 01, 2018
      Medical Passed : March 14, 2018
      PPR : Waiting


      1. My time line is a bit extended I am PNP-New Brunswick Out-land
        AOR: 31 July 2017 (all payments done)
        Medical Passed: 15 Aug 2017
        Additional Documents Request: 23 August 2017
        IP2: 27 Feb 2018
        PPR: 23 March 2018
        total 235 days from AOR to PPR

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  4. After BG status changed every one received pre-arrival service mail from CIC? My BG changed before medical at 15 January 2018 and at 16 i received pre- arrival mail from cic but still now no update for medical request , anybody have any idea what is going on.

    By the way my additional documents status also change at 15 January that it changed to “we don’t require additional document now”, but at 27 feb after software update the column is empty . again after last update at 20 march it showing “we need additional document to process your application, but still today no mail or any message in my online account regarding additional document. I also submitted my 11 additional documents at 1st December last year.

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  5. I got IP2 on 27th, Feb 2018 too, and Medical passed 14 Mar, 2018, and no updates after.
    I heard after this IP2, you only can expect the PPR email, no update will be on GCkey nor ECAS.
    Can’t wait to see the PPR email.

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  6. I got IP2 on 27th, Feb 2018 too, and Medical passed 14 Mar, 2018, and no updates after.
    I heard after this IP2, you only can expect the PPR email, no update will be on GCkey nor ECAS.
    Can’t wait to see the PPR email.


  7. Not a glitch as per CIC tweets on this:


  8. My BG status changed to Ip2 on Feb 27 2018 as well. I emailed ircc regarding its authenticity but they didn’t reply to it. Still not sure if this was a real update or a technical glitch due to some system update. 😦


  9. Our BG is in process (IP2) status since February 5, 2018. We have not yet received our PPR. What might have caused the delay?
    Yesterday, we requested GCMS notes…


    1. Hello,
      We are on the same boat here. mine is IP2 since jan13. I emailed them asked the reason. I got replied its still in regular time period and final decision is not made yet. I am CEC inland .


    2. Hi,
      We are on the same situation . I have been in ip 2 since jan13. I emailed ottawa regarding whether I missed their PPR email and they replied a final decision has not made yet. So still waiting . I am CEC inland applicant.


  10. Hi, BG status has been updated on 25 feb 2018 for me. I just got few days after March 2, for medical tests. thanks for your help. I think after submitting medicals, PPR will be ideal.


      1. Hi deo_gill, need your help, I received my PPR today, I have relocated from the country wr I originally applied and I have also recently renewed my passport. Will this have any effect on the visa stamping?


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