Changing the address for PR Card app

So, you have landed in Canada and Immigration officer would have applied for you PR Card at the airport itself. You would have given some local address to receive your PR Card via mail. Most of the people don’t have a fixed or permanent address at that particular time. You would have given some temporary address (hotel etc) at that time.

Now, after a few days, you will move to a fixed or long-term rental accommodation. You need to update IRCC about your new address so that they can send the PR Card or any other communication to the new address.

More details about the whole address change process are elaborated at the below link.

Change of address.

There are three options provided by IRCC to change address.

  1. Using the address change tool, click on the link (same as above) and press the start button. Here you need to provide some information to search your application. In my personal experience, I have not seen it working for any applicant. Still, if it works for you, go ahead and provide the new address.
  2. The next option is through a web form. Use this link for it. You need to provide all the required information here along with your message that you want to update the communication address. You can update your email address and contact number also using the same web form. This method takes about 10 business days for the update to happen and sometime, you may not receive any confirmation communication from IRCC about the update. The only option is to call and check with them.
  3. This is the best option. Call them on the number provided at  IRCC contact. You have to be very patient with this method as normal waiting time in the queue is around 35-40 minutes.

To avoid all this, you can try to give the address of some relative or friend in Canada at the time of landing.

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