List of documents and things required POST ITA

If you are expecting an ITA (invitation to apply) in the next draw, it is better to plan now itself for all the required things. Prepare the following documents.

Passports: – Following things should be checked in your passports.

  1. Passport should be valid for at least one year.
  2. If you are in India and married, then check whether spouse name is mentioned on the passport. This is required for getting PCC with the proper format.
  3. You have at least two blank pages in the passport.

PCC: – Police Clearance Certificates

  1. Make sure you have PCC from all your past addresses. (from the age of 18).
  2. If an address is mentioned on any of your submitted PCC from any country make sure it covers the entire time period of your stay in that country.
  3. Check the CIC guidelines to obtain the PCC for a country. (Click here)
  4. For the applicants from India, please take the PCC from Passport Seva Kendra.

POF: Proof of funds

  1. You need to get the letter from your bank for the available amount of money with you.
  2. Please take previous six months statement also from your bank for your account.
  3. There is also a requirement for showing six months average balance.

Employer Reference Letter 

  1. Make sure the duties mentioned in the letter are matching to your chosen job code’s roles and responsibilities.
  2. All the location with time period should be specified in the letter.
  3. The letter should be on the letterhead of your employer. If it is not possible to get it directly from the HR on letterhead and you are submitting the letter from your supervisor or some senior colleague, then try to get it on an affidavit.
  4. Include the paystubs as your compensation proof.


  1. All the degree certificates and mark sheets (transcripts) should be included with your WES letter.
  2. Include your language test report also with education documents.

Medical Test

You need to undergo a medical exam and submit the receipt with your file. I will advise you to go for medical only after getting ITA and as close to your date of submission as possible. The reason behind this is your initial one-time entry visa will be valid until one year of your medical test date.

Marriage Certificate

Make sure this is a valid certificate as per the law of the country where the marriage took place.

Letter of explanation

You should give a letter of explanation for anything which you think you need to explain to your case officer. Some examples could be like below

  1. Passport is renewed after getting ITA.
  2. POF – you have a large sum credited to your account in last six months, then explain that.
  3. Work Experience – Explain the breaks in between the jobs if any.
  4. Any medical condition like pregnancy etc.
  5. Name or Passport number mismatch on IETLS test report.
  6.  Any other document which requires any kind of explanation.


Above is a short summary. For the complete list, please visit CIC’s website (click here)

And After submitting the applications, please visit this link for information about various status messages.

Please leave a comment in case of any help or doubt. I will try to help. 


14 thoughts on “List of documents and things required POST ITA

  1. Hi. My husband have no surname written on his passport. For example his given name is balpreet singh. In express entry profile, i put balpreet in given name and singh in surname. After ITA, it doesn’t allow me to change. As per cic , given name can be left blank and put it in last name coloumn. What can i do now? Should i give letter of explanation for this?


    1. Just call them and also send a mail to them once to explain everything. and if you dont have enough time left for all that, LOE should be included explaining everything. One suggestion which I want you to evaluate is getting a new passport with split name. As in canada you will face some problems with no last name. Better do it in India itself.


  2. Hi. You have mentioned “PCC from all your past addresses” – is this mandatory? I have PCC for my current Indian address which I am residing for past 4 years. Is that enough?


  3. do we need to upload aadhar or passport copies of our parents and siblings(even though they are not accompanying)? I was told since Nov 2017 you have to do that.


  4. Hi.
    Could I use an official letter confirming my satisfaction of degree requirements to apply for Express Entry? My graduation is in June but I’m hoping to apply from now with that letter instead.


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