After PPR – procedure at INDIA VFS

Congratulations for your PPR. You would have got good news via email or through message in your CIC account.

I am sharing some points which you can help you in the next steps.

  • Take the print out of PPR letter. – 1 Copy
  • Find out the nearest VFS center to your location and their timings. Timings can be checked at the this link.  VFS timings  You cannot book appointment for Passport transmission services. Each VFS has fixed slots for Travel agents (mostly in mornings), Avoid that time. After lunch time, there will no rush. Plan your visit at that time.
  • Check you passport is valid for next six months at least and have two blank pages. Take photocopies of all the passports (black&white is also fine). You can get copies done at VFS center also. The passport should be same as the one you have mentioned while submitting the application. There is no need to provide old expired passports.
  • You can take all the passports on behalf of all the family members. No authorization letter is also required.
  • Take cash with you for paying the fees. INR 597 per passport as on Aug 5th, 2017. Check the latest fee for this service on the link (Fees for Secure transmission).
  • Take photographs as per CIC specifications as mentioned here .  If you are having difficulty getting correct photographs from outside. The service is available in some VFS centers also. Whether it is available there or not, you can check it on their website on this link (services at VFS).
  • Procedure at VFS will be like below.
  • Get the token from reception for submission. You can take Phones, car keys etc with you. You need to switch off the mobile. Pendrives, powerbanks are not allowed, so better check your bags or purses before reaching there.
  • After that wait for your token number and go to the designated counter number. The VFS agent will collect your documents and will put it inside one bag. Everything will be put inside one bag. He will return it to you to may the fees at the cash counter and then go to final counter for submission.
  • Payment can be made only by cash only. After payment go to the final counter as suggested by VFS agent.
  • At the final counter, the agent will ask you for your address if you want the passports to get delivered via Bluedart courier. If you don’t trust the courier services too well (in my case I dint have good experience with them earlier so I opted not to use courier services). Provide your mobile number for SMS service and Thats it done. Keep the receipt safe with you.
  • You can track the progress after submission on their website (Tracking the application) via using the tracking numbers present on the receipt. You will receive tracking numbers via SMS also. If you have not chosen the courier services, you can collect the passport from VFS again. There are specific time slots (check here) for passport collection services. Choose the evening once to avoid rush.
  • These days (July-Aug 2017), the applications are getting approved on next working day as soon as passports are reaching High Commission of Canada, New Delhi.  For sometime, the status of additional document will be “being reviewed”. After that it will change to approved as shown below. Application Approved
  • Once the application is approved, Next day your passport will be ready for collection at VFS center. You will get a message for the same or you can check online the status.
  • In the received envelope, you will get Stamped Visa on passport and COPR letter. COPR will have two copies with photo attached on one. There will no photo on the Stamped visa inside passport. In addition to that there will an instruction booklet. Check all the details on COPR and stamped visa as soon as you receive it. Incase of anything not correct, contact your visa office ASAP.


All the best… Enjoy..


39 thoughts on “After PPR – procedure at INDIA VFS

  1. How much time did it take for you to get your passports back after submitting for stamping? Its been 8 days for me and my status just is constantly showing, visa is in process at Canada Visa Office in New Delhi.


  2. I’ve sent my passport on Dec 5, 2017 through courier & it was delivered to Canadian embassy on Wednesday Dec 6, 2017. Its Dec 20, 2017 today. But yet I haven’t gotten my passport back. Could you tell me that how many days embassy takes to send visa stamped passport back


    1. Have you receive your passport yet. I am also in same situation. It was supposed to be send to VFS not embassy directly. I don’t know what happens after its delivered to embassy.


  3. Just got a question. May be a weird one !! but I would like to know your inputs on this.
    Do we have any chances of rejection after we get PASSPORT REQUEST LETTER from Canada Embassy ??



  4. Wonderful Article.
    I submitted my PP on 11th December.
    Its been 10 days now. The status : Visa application is being processed at the Canada Visa Office, NEW DELHI.
    I am not being impatient, but the ticket fares are rising with each day. And i have to book 2 tickets. Should i book my tickets ?
    How much more time will it take ? Christmas is around the corner.
    Thank you


  5. Sir , i submitted my passprt on 4 jan. And still my status says that pssprt is being processed at vac. What could be the reasons for delay. Many friends submitted later bt get t within 4-7 days. My vfs is new delhi


  6. Hi,
    I submitted my passport to VFS Delhi on 23rd Jan 2018 it got delivered to Canada visa office on 24th Jan 2018
    Application was approved on 30th Jan 2018 VFS status still shows Visa application is being processed at the Canada Visa Office, NEW DELHI. when can i expect to get my passport back.

    also my cic account status changed to Approved on 31st Jan 2018 and i got the message your cic account has been updated it showed the same status as approved on the face of it and also the same status as shown above and also counterfoil details but 4 days later it still shows approved on the face of it but when i went inside the status changed again like first line application status is missing completely , background check in process etc. i believe it could be a technical problem what are your inputs on this.
    Please let me know a little worried


  7. I just sent my passport via vfs to the new Delhi high commission as requested by them .. Does this mean I got my pr? Can I start booking my tickets?
    Or should I wait incase of a rejection?


      1. what exactly happens at this stage ? do they just stamp my visa and send it back ? if Im very sure to get my visa at this stage im wondering why I shouldnt book my tickets .. any reason for that small doubt ?


  8. what exactly happens at this stage ? do they just stamp my visa and send it back ? if Im very sure to get my visa at this stage im wondering why I shouldnt book my tickets .. any reason for that small doubt ?


  9. Hi,
    I am one of those who is under IP2 as of now (Applied in Jan’18) and expecting PPR soon, but I have applied from India and I landed in Canada on a student permit (my MBA started at Feb end). Where do I need to submit my passport after PPR? Will it be Ottawa office directly or do I need to file a change of address and then submit it in Ottawa?


  10. Visa application, tracking ID No.XXXXXXX – Your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office NEW DELHI, on 12/03/2018 to the Canada Visa Application Centre. To know more, please call VAC helpline number or visit VAC website.

    But status of application not changed. What it means? Passport was submitted dated 01st March and My application still in progress instead of approved


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